Things to Know Before Growing Marijuana

A common question asked by cannabis gardeners is whether or not they should grow their weed indoors or outdoors. There are many things to consider when making this decision, not the least of which is where you live and how much time you have available for growing. A little planning will go a long way when trying to make the best product.

Growing Your Weed Indoors

Growing your weed indoors is a great choice for growers. Indoors, you have control over everything from the climate to light exposure. In addition, you can choose strain specific organic terpenes that are bred specifically for indoor growing conditions and don’t need excessive space or sunlight for producing their harvest. However, there are a few drawbacks to growing indoors as well.

Growing Your Weed Outdoors

Growing your weed outdoors is another excellent choice for gardeners. You may have to choose one of the shorter, hardier strains that can thrive in outdoor conditions. The growing season is longer, and you don’t need much space to grow your product. However, with outdoor growing comes the potential for inclement weather and even theft by those who want what you’ve got!

Growing Medical Marijuana

There are different laws regarding medical marijuana in each state or country. There are also differences about legality between recreational (non-medical) use vs. medicinal (medical) uses of marijuana and how it is grown, distributed, etc. Nevertheless, if you want to grow your own weed for recreational or medical purposes, then you’ll have to check with your state and local laws first to see what is allowed.

Materials You May Need

To grow your own weed indoors, you must have many different supplies.

A Large Space for the Plants:

You’ll need a place that can be locked and blocked off from the view of prying eyes. A basement is an ideal place. If you don’t have a basement, make sure no one can look in from outside via windows or skylights. Make sure your electricity can be turned off so that light bulbs will not reveal their presence. Another option is to use LED lights; they are expensive, but they are far more efficient in energy usage and power consumption than incandescent or fluorescent lighting anyway.


Humidifier for the Plants

The lining of the growing area should be well insulated and have no light leaks. The temperature will need to stay around 75 degrees with a humidity between 65% and 80%. You can buy a humidifier for your plants or rig something up yourself using an old fish tank, humidity trays, and wet/dry bulbs. The plants will also need plenty of fresh air, so a constant flow of about six air exchanges per hour is the ideal setup with passive vents.

Tips Before Growing Your Own Cannabis

Above were some tips listed on growing cannabis before you start the growing process. We know that most people will not have everything they need, but these are essentials to give a person the best chance of success in their grow room.