Amazing Arab girl dancing with her horse

Amazing Arab girl dancing with her horse

Arab woman from Jordan is riding a very well trained horse, making amazing horse dancing moves.

  • Unfortunately this pretty picture is not the reality. Please watch the youtube clip, Dancing horses: the truth behind the beauty. It will show you just how they are trained, and why the girl has to carry a stick during the performance. Horses that are trained in a good way DO NOT need a stick to back up signals.

  • Beautiful; I imagine all the hours of work to tame the horse to do all this.

  • You should change the description of this video – it is not correct at all. The woman is NOT from Jordan but was born in France and now lives in Spain. Her name is Clémence Faivre, the horse is named Gotan.

  • Why can’t folks give credit when credit is warranted? Rather, “Let’s pick this one over; When dead, will we stop?'”

  • The two most beautiful creatures on the planet, in perfect harmony. Beautifully performed by both. A pleasure to watch. What can be done with patience.

  • Nothing “Arab” here. The rider is Clemence Faivre, and she’s French. The horse is Gotan, and he’s a Lusitano stallion. He is a Portuguese breed, related to the Spanish Andalusian. Anyone thinking he’s an Arabian doesn’t know horses well.

  • she is very buoteful girl ,, and she is very strong ,,, dancing with her horse

  • Hahahaha the people saying the horse is in pain clearly don’t know what a horse is and what they are capable of lol

  • LIES LIES & MORE ARAB BLATANT LIES !!!! THIS GIRL , MUSIC & HORSE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ARABS ( RACIST SWINES )……she is CIRCASSIAN from the mighty North Caucasus Mountains in RUSSIA….OOOPPSSS..did I step on toes ?! Original video is called : ” A circassian girl and her horse dancing accompanied by circassian music”….. yes there are circassian peoples in Jordan….who did not , have not and NEVER WILL be associated with Kafir ARAB monkeys ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is a caucasia woman not arabs and french
    fake video

  • I’m Arabian but she isn’t she is French, I think I am in love ?

  • 댓글을 보니 프랑스에서 태어난 아랍인 같군요.
    나는 당신을 말을 사랑하는 그것도 아라브말- 위대한 예술가로 칭송하고 싶습니다
    생전에 한번 만나보고 싶군요

  • Une convergence sublime entre le cheval et la cavaliere.Un cheval sans pareil.Apres avoir vu cette beauté,rien ne peut m’impessione,ni Hollywood ni Las Vegas ,ni Moulin rouge .C’est unique .

  • I loved when she removed the bridle…..the horse continued responding to her feet and weight shifts. Beautiful.

  • Beautiful composition, please reload the video with equally good Arabian music only. No baritone voice please.