Arab stallion covering a maiden

Arab stallion covering a maiden

Maidens are sometimes hard to cover – here’s the process

This was done at Biddesden Stud near Andover, Wiltshire UK. Breeders of Arab, Part Bred Arab and Anglo Arab Horses est 1939. Home of the Famous Badminton winner Tamarillo.

  • beautiful but realy you’re basically spoonfeeding the animal let it do it by itself!?

  • pfffffffffffffffffffff that stallion is not agressive but frustrated because they have muzzled him ohohohoh when people interfear it always seems to be a MESS

  • People, just to get this cleared up, this is NOT rape because she would kick him in the nuts if she didn’t want it. Another thing, poor handling of both mare and stallion, I suggest learning more on how to breed horses properly if you are going to hand breed them. One last thing, it’s better to put them in a pasture together and let them do their thing on their own.

  • Needs to be in a more controlled environment. Lots of teasing by a teaser stallion to get the mare wanting to be bred by the main stallion and more accepting. Really, if she was a maiden mare, I’d of done artificial insemination or at least let them be together in a pen or arena for a bit after introductions