Arabian Dancing Horse

Arabian Dancing Horse

I took this video while I was on vacation in Egypt it’s an arabian horse dancing with music

  • @perfectlyEquestrian Okay 1. GET OVER YOURSELF! Not all sources on the internet are wrong! And stop harassing LottaMariePersson. You are the one that said the conversation was over, but you kept arguing. 2. LottaMariePersson is right. And if you can’t handle that. THAT IS A PIAFFE. Stop arguing. The internet doesn’t need anymore trolls. Didn’t you see how many people said it was a Piaffe? You were the ONLY one who thought it was a Passage. If your trainer said all that, you need a new trainer.

  • bad rider with stiff hands and seat with a horse that is clearly unhappy. waste of a good animal.


  • Some people are so culturally myopic and ignorant it’s ridiculous. Who are you to decide what constitutes correct use and what does not? That horse is moving naturally, it has not been subjected to formal schooling and as such it is unreasonable to expect it to perform more complicated moves. I’d like to remind you that these horses were developed by ARABS. Europeans now poo-poo the people responsible for creating that wonderful breed in the FIRST place! READ more and get over yourselves already

  • the point of the dance is for it to have short choppy steps..and its ears weren’t pinned back they were flicking about attentively..and the point is for the rider to move with the horse and as you can tell the riders bouncing is what lets the horse know to lift its leg

  • the horses ears arent pinned…….theyre turned towards his rider because he is concentrating and listening to him. if the ears were pinned, they would be lying FLAT on the horses head!

  • @SauenSierBae clearly you dont watch or ride dressage. arabians do not hold their heads like that naturally, nor are they “prouder” than other breeds. the poor rider has no idea how to ask for a piaffe, or he would be shifting his weight from side to side more and using his legs.

  • He has poor form, but very pretty arab. I think arabs look awesome in dressage 🙂

  • Blue dancing pony. WTF is going online these days?that’s epick and creepy at the same time. Don’t judge me bitchs. O.o

  • Ahm, the horse is not even dancing it’s just makeing a piaffe to the music?
    Sorry but i’m not impressed…

    Well, the horse is cute! :3

  • Nice dancing Arabians are the best! What’s up with Europeans why always so negative and acting as if you know everything .. giving tips to Arabs about horses lol these folks have been riding and training before Europeans were even wearing cloth.

  • hes a fucking twat thehorse is trying to do her best and he keeps putting his fat fucking arse jst throwing it on to her back thst y

  • Its not exactly dancing it doing the piaffe but still i love arabs ahaha :]

  • *sigh* Arabians are so beautiful! I own a Purebred stallion, it was bred by my Great Grandmother who was killed in a car accident last year! :'( but I am happy that I have Diablo ( the name of my horse)

  • Stope making fun of us Hes wearing a Thawb hes a guy and ur making un uf us women wearing abayas imagina a banana without a peel it would rote so stop talking bad about us we are the first ppl to tame horses and arabians are known as the most beautiful horse imagian the world withouth them so respect us were human 2 and we were 1 of the first pp with clothes not like old europeans half nakes so stop it -_-

  • This guy has grown with his horse. ..and there no question Arabian horses are the most beautiful in the world. ..hsnslds down