Arabian Horse Association TV Ad

Arabian Horse Association TV Ad

TV AD from the Arabian Horse Association to promote the breed.

  • Do you know about The National Show Horse? A cross of Saddlebred & Arabian that became a breed in1980. They are either 1/2 & 1/2 or 1/4-3/4’s of either breed. And come in a wide variety of colors. I have 3 ,2 are piebald. Also have 7 Arabians,1 Saddlebred,1 Quarab & 1 Anglo-Arab. For endurance trail the Anglo-Arab wins. Arabians are hot blooded as well as A.Arabs. Saddlebreds are warmbloods. Neither are crazy. Pick the horse who is suitable for you.

  • Oh it’s getting deep in here. The American Saddlebred developed in the mountains FOR surefootedness. Is in fact a warmblood who was used as an all around using horse that looked nice taking it’s family to church. I pulled the shoes off my gaited horse who turned out to be a killer dressage horse. FYI breed Straight Egyptians,& NSH’s. They are extremely polite. Have seen ALL breeds act out on trails. The problem is almost always with the rider NOT the horse. That’s like saying Arabians are crazy.

  • Video is fascinating and excelled in his work I apologize because I took it from the page and put it work heritage Libby, thank you for this channel are really creative

  • Too bad the American Arabian Horse Association is pro horse slaughter

  • jaja, that has to be the most stupid statement I’ve heard. I can’t possibly think a reason or a way to back up that remark.

  • The Arabian Professional and Amateur Horsemen’s Association voted, with unanimous approval, to thank the AHA Board for continuing your support for the re-opening of the equine terminal marketplace, and to join with the AHA in support of the reinstatement of equine processing in the United States.
    On the AAHMS wordpress page

  • Equine terminal marketplace = horse slaughter. Equine processing = horse slaughter

  • Superbe initiative de l’association de race américaine…