Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse

The most noble horse.

  • arabonly if you want “your horses” so bad then why not just come buy them?and don’t forget about the crossbred arabians. i HATE that you seem to look at other breeds of horses as inferiors. quite a few are of better working quality then”your” arabs,such as the American Paint, calm, dependable, strong.while most arabians that i’ve seen are crazy as hell and are hard to handle.when it comes to riding i don’t think the arabian is the best. i think what you are saying is wrong and a bit immiture.

  • arabonly these arabian horses in peninsula are bure and they mexed only with the family and the child horse must live in desert wither , it is not for sale any more , in fact we have the most bure arabian horses in the world , only in saudi there are more than 30000 horses

  • if ur teke are the best why the most othman roials and hi rank people are dieing for have one arabian horse
    that it tells u no one care abut ur teke even ur kalifah , so keep ur teke for ur self , oh by the way u keep crying to be an eurubian or come to saudi to be a sharper

  • there is something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a man-
    Winston Churchill
    truer words were never spoken

  • what’s the name of the damn song?? ive been searching for it for years


    they have such pretty eyes.

  • @TheBrainLick thanks!!! im thinking about buying an arabion =)) i just wanted to make shore =)))) thay are one of the best breeds arnt they?

  • Noble Arabian horses, were you bred for the qualities your people love in themselves — brilliant intelligence, iron will, astounding endurance, and fierce loyalty? I loved reading “King of the Wind” as a child, which inspired me to adopt a wild horse when I was 13.
    My horse was a spirited Appaloosa, bred by my Native American ancestors. He could not be controlled, only befriended. Without waiting for a command, he sprinted to carry his world to safety. He was the voice of nature speaking to me.

  • @joao2286 You’re calling this horse ugly? As compared to whom? Sharon Stone? You seem to know shite about horses.