Arabian Horses – Allegory for Obedience

Arabian Horses – Allegory for Obedience

A parable of obedience and valor. What often is expected of men, by God, may seem difficult. Sacrifice, obedience, and other things taught in this story ought to awaken men to their duty to become as the Lords “True Arabian” horses, as it were. Select. A Cut above the rest!

  • What a schmuck – leaving the horse tied up in the hot sun without water. Someone needs to stick that bell up his ass !

  • i love this but the fact that the guy was sitting on the horses loins when riding him annoyed me but it was rlly good

  • stop picturing the Arabs as desert,goats and tents please stop it.
    God damnit

  • I dont like you to treated the horse
    You show him that you drink water and eating some nuts
    He felt so thirsty. And starving

    You might watch movie of spirit the stallion
    that how the man ,he treated spirit like you ??????
    Look in the America wildhorses they treated very well

  • If you’re a Mormon, why are there hidden messages in this video. Every time I hear that bell, a subtle sign on the video reads, “blow something up.”

  • this is half the was tidied up 3days in hot sun and water next to him and when he’s freed he goes to the drink his master calls him he comes to his master first before his drink,that’s obedience and love to his master an that’s the story.You can only find this of loyalty with these arabian horses.only then you know what your horse really loves you. my arabian did ed me his respect,loyalty obedience and his love all the time even my cat she never ate before me.And I’m so grateful for that.they both are gone to heaven and my deepest prayer is to meet with them.

  • First, a chestnut w/ white stockings & blaze dn turn white. Second, have no idea if the white horse chose the bell over the water. my horses ( Arab, 1/2 Arab & AQHA) come from across pastures as soon as they see me.

  • Erm, great. You’re a Mormon. What does that have to do with the majestic beauty of the Arabian horse?