Arabian horses are crazy… or are they ?

Arabian horses are crazy… or are they ?

The reason that some people believe that Arabian horses are “crazy”.

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  • I have two Arabians.I do Parelli Natural Horsemanship with them.My grandma & grandpa used to raise arabians.They are a wonderful breed!!!

  • Definitely not crazy. Alot of handlers encourage high antics to display their attributes and spirit, but they don’t behave like that normally. At least I’ve not known them to.

  • They are the most loyal and eager horse I’ve ever had the pleasure to train.

  • My horse is not Arabian but I am Arabian

    السلام عليكم

  • Arabians have character. Treat them like family and they will be your best friend until the end and go through fire for you. Treat them disrespectful and you can say byebye to their cooperation. Love Arabians, most loyal and elegant breed there is !

  • My Arabian is crazy smart, very sensitive, affectionate and funny. I really do love that horse. He’s great.

  • no your wrong they aren’t fully crazy but if it’s a purebred and if u wanna jump it , it gallops at the jump

  • I have a part bred and he’s only as crazy as I let him be. He does spook but only stays crazy if I tense. Never has even bucked or reared mounted!

  • I always call my arab crazy and a lot of ppl I know do too… but that’s cuz we al ride arabs and we’re like “look at this wild crazy stallion” as he stands there doing tricks because he wants a treat lol

  • 55 years of my life have included Arabs – No other horse has the sensitivity, brains and ability to bond with his human like the arab does.

  • Thanks for this video. I always had my heart set on owning an Arabian horse. A well-known dressage teacher in the Uk told me not to bother, that they are crazy, you cannot do a thing with them. He ended up getting me an Andalusian. Great horse, but my heart is still set on an Arab. Now I see you know a lot more than he did 🙂

  • People are crazy and they do not know about horses they think they do but they
    Don’t Arabians are great horses with a longer history than any other breed 3.000 years plus!!!..inteligente,loyal,
    Real athletes mean to be outside not in
    Prison stall!!! If they keep you 24/365 on a stall any one goes crazy!!!!

  • Are Arabians crazy? I am completely comfortable with small children running in to visit with my Arabian stallion even if unsupervised because he is comfortable with it and is always aware of where that child is. Can you say the same for your stallion? Or even your gelding?

  • Arabians are like the pit bull of the horse world. Everybody calls them crazy, impossible to ride, and what not. It just takes time to gain their trust and respect. In order for the Arabian to respect you, you must respect it. I learned this with my first horse who is an Arabian. Have had her for 7 years now and she is retired. She taught me so much as a rider and taught me patience. Many people told me I needed to send her to slaughter but I never gave up on her, we both are very stubborn. I think she trained me more than I had her.

  • Arabians aren’t crazy, Thoroughbreds are tbh. I get so annoyed how people assume things like this

  • I adore my little rescue Arab..He was badly abused before I got him and had 13 owners in 9 years and was classed as a very difficult horse. He wasn’t..he was just frightened of people (understandably) and would not allow himself to be caught.. I understand him and we have a lovely bond. He is gentle..highly sensitive..intelligent..quick to learn, polite and loyal 🙂

  • I know everyone is saying this, but I just wanna agree: Arabian horses are the most loyal and sweet horses you will ever know (I’m sure there are other particular horses just as loving), I used to lease this Arabian mare who would test you on your first ride, if you won her loyalty, well, let’s just say I would trust that horse with my life. she is 20 now, waayyyy for lively than my 8 year old gelding.

  • My Arabian is more well behaved than some of the paints and quarter horses at my barn, and he’s three and a half. Even before he got gelded he was more chill than a mare or gelding.