Detailing Our Horse Trailer

Big Horses Big Messes

horse trailer cleaning

As any horse owner knows, traveling across the state or country with a horse trailer can be a messy endeavor. If you are involved in any kind of horse show then you have traveled distances towing your trailer behind your truck and you know the mess that comes with it. Prior to driving into Oklahoma last month we had traveled across three states and our horse trailer was a complete disaster. It was filthy with dirt, horse urine, and horse poop. There was no way we were going to drive up to the Oklahoma horse fair with our prized horse in that disgusting mess. We had a few days to prepare for the event and got ourselves an Air B&B in Oklahoma City. We stopped at a gas station prior to pulling into the driveway of the rental property and hosed the inside of the trailer out. The property we rented had about a half acre of grass, so we were able to wash our stud and prepare him for showtime.  There was a barn we were able to keep him in for a few days to rest and prepare. While the horse was out of the trailer we figured it was also a good time for us to get the horse trailer detailed. There were dead bugs splattered along the top, horse pee and poop still swishing around in the crevices of the trailer floor, and brake dust saturated around the trailer wheels. We called an Oklahoma City car detailing outfit that specialized in mobile detailing. A great group of guys came in with a mobile detailing rig and blew the trailer floor clean with pressure washers and scrub brushes. They cleaned the exterior panels and polished the rims of the trailer. The detail work was so great that we pulled the truck around and had them clean it as well. They cleaned the interior and exterior of the truck and helped me mount the trailer to the back of the truck. Both my husband and I were very pleased with the level of detail and care they took when preparing our vehicles for show time. Next time we travel through Oklahoma City for a horse show we will be using those guys again to prepare our tuck and trailer the day of the event.