Hempfling – Calming Spooky Arabian Horse – by Authentic Horsemanship

Hempfling – Calming Spooky Arabian Horse – by Authentic Horsemanship

Klaus is converting an extremely shy arabian during a performance into a trustful fellow.
Explanation of the individual steps shown in this video, where KFH works with a green horse:
Step 1:
For Klaus the most important ability is to recognize the horse’s real nature. In general he sees the First encounter as an extremely important moment — it is the moment where he can bring the horse back to its real nature and its true character.
Step 2:
It is never possible for Klaus to go against the horse — he needs its cooperation to work together with him. Only the horse itself can carry through the change, so from the very start Klaus is acting as its supporter.
Step 3:
According to Klaus’ point of view it is only possible to transmit the inner energetic processes to the horse through an optimal body-awareness. The basics of this issue are explained in his book “Dancing With Horses” and in the DVD Learning Box (in preparation).
Step 4:
Furthermore it is important by the first encounter that the horse is immediately taken to its ‘wound points’ and to the zones of approaching its problems. This is a part of the foundation of Klaus’ work.
Step 5:
Klaus’ way of leading the horse is based on natural authenticity. Also this is an important foundation of his togetherness with horses. In his courses Klaus always addresses especially this issue.
Step 6:
After their first encounter with Klaus horses are extremely open and cooperative — that means a big responsibility for the humans, because they are so vulnerable.

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, with his professional background in communications has shaken up the international horse world. He is at the forefront of new ideas on working and interacting with horses. The basis of his work is consideration for the horse’s psyche, communication via a body language that is understood by the horse and interaction with these powerful, beautiful, dignified creatures in accordance with nature. The development of the rider’s “presence” and an orientation to holistic principles is integral to this work. Klaus’ first book, “Dancing with Horses” (translated into more than 10 languages), met with overwhelming international success; thousands of spectators have witnessed a way of interacting with horses that made the horses the teachers, the bearers of mysteries, whose proximity could transform human lives.

Klaus has the ability to “know” a horse within a few seconds and within a few minutes of the first meeting, he establishes a relationship so firmly that anything after that is completely based on trust. In his Borderline Demonstrations he transforms dangerous, nervous, traumatized, any kind of horse into cooperative companions. They recognize him as their leader, and become willing partners in groundwork and under saddle.

  • This is a very moving clip — the way the mare turns to Klaus and follows him, in complete trust, is so beautiful and pure. She obviously feels understood and supported in such a way that she can overcome her fear together with him.

  • God!! that is a very moving klip! dont even think monty roberts can do that

  • @VictorsChick4ever lol my lil 15.2 hand TB gelding does a similar thing! if he wants to pace the fence line for an hour- he aint doing it by himself!

  • lol i know he was just proving a point that he can put the blanket anywhere on the horse, but god it would be funny if someone actually thought thats where one went =) amazing clip! very inspriring!!!

  • my pony wont let me touch or go near is back he is fine when your near is head i think maybe someone jumped on his back in his old home and now is terrified any advice?
    thanks,geat video by the way

  • ok i want my horse to get more attached to me like you know depend on me not the other horses all the time, i just want us to be able to leave the other horses and enjoy each others company.

  • This is something I would like to do when I get out of High school I have riden horses before and have a strong bond with some but I would like to start learning how to train them are there any horse ranches in Arizona in the U.S that can help with that?

  • First I love Klaus’ work. You have incredible talent and connection horses. The video does not say much about the causes of the spookiness (other than arabian being especially sensitive) but it looks like pain may have been in its past, especially around saddle fitting (you can see white hairs on the withers @ 1:28). I assume this was addressed too, right?!

  • I could watch thi guy all day, i cannot ride for health reasons and do so enjoy ur video’s Claus, pls do more sir 🙂

  • salaam.dear brothers and sisters.If anybody wants to rule the world,train a horse..if the horse is well trained..successful is the trainer, the leader..the horse will transform fully to a confident,friendly,energetic and wise friend if the trainer has the right touch..the golden touch.hamdhqadrAMAN.

  • Hi Klaus! You know,few years ago we had the real Horse Whisperer Monthy ..has been followed by many riders. We Hungarians love the nonviolent training,and lot of “horseman” like what you do, come visit us to teach how we can better work with horses.:)

  • So beautiful! It brings me to tears seeing an anxious, nervous horse calm so quickly and easily and gain the confidence to allow friendship with humans. So wonderful!