How to draw Arabian horse head- Gabriel Tora

How to draw Arabian horse head- Gabriel Tora

music-my version for Break on through by The Doors

  • Your drawing style remind me so much of my grandfathers.
    He once told me, that his only regret was to never give art a real shot, assuming that he could never make it anyways and so he just kept his drawings to himself.When my paintings were displayed in a Gallery,he was there right beside me and I told him,that this is not mine but his success
    I still am no artist and I never aspired to be, but I am very proud to say,that now his drawings are displayed,finally for the world to see.

  • thank you,that’s a beautifull story! fact is ,in my case,aslo my grandfather it is the reason i love and paint horses…art.

  • You are the greatest artest in the world I keep drowing the horse all time you are like pecasso

  • Awesome! Drew this one pretty quickly, and it looks pretty realistic. I agree with lisagardiner123 though, the ears do need a little work. Other than that, sweet!