How to get rid of weeds in organic farming

How to get rid of weeds in organic farming Attention Farmers, having trouble with weeds? Watch Gerhard Grasser explain a new solution.

  • steak comes from cows, pork comes from pigs, eggs from any reptile(usually chickens) unless you are foraging/hunting/trapping/etc you are eating farm animals. Anything coming from the ocean will be contaminated with heavy metals, same for any water source near or used by large populations.

  • leave the weeds, or weed minimally, weeds create soil fertility. vegetable gardening creates disturbance cycles, weeds are there to fill in those voids created, weeds will always be there unless we incorporate these types of cycles, have a diverse enough environment so weeds won’t need to grow.

  • we don’t materialize these things out of thing air, you are eating farm animals, and the worst most diseased unhealthy of them all. I’m not attacking you, i’m pointing out a truth about where the food at mcdonalds comes from. Mcdonalds is not food, we just label it food and sell it to people.

  • Buy a good hoe or if you don’t know what a hoe is go to the local bar and knock back a couple of drinks and count your self lucky.

  • I do not think this is good advice. It seems there is some awareness of soil life, but the tilling killed most of it.

    I would recommend Joel Salatins videos to start with, as that grass looked like it was grazed too short, and none left to mulch the soil and feed the earthworms.

    I do not mean to be rude, but feel the intent is good, but the management needs more thought.