Most Beautiful Arabian Black Horse – The Black Beauty

Most Beautiful Arabian Black Horse – The Black Beauty

Most Beautiful Arabian Black Horse – The Black Beauty
A VERY BEAUTIFUL ARABIAN HORSE. Egyptian Arabian Horses, Arabian Horses and Arabian Stallions. … Gorgeous Horse, Beautiful Animal, Dream Horse, Horse Arabian,Arabian horse -black.
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  • Why like or share if the pic on the video is not the same horse? Get it updated to the horse on the pic and I’ll like and share it. Thanks

  • his head is far too curved, no to mention shiny makeup, stop breeding desert kings so they turnto Barbie horses

  • The Arabs just about made black Arabian horses extinct by killing black foals as soon as they were born. The primitives considered them bad luck. Even today, many “black” Arabians have a red cast to their coat, rather than a true blue-black.

    From what little we can see of him, he appears to be an outstanding example of an Egyptian Arabian.

  • Ugh why do people think deformed horse’s are better…My favorite horses have always been mustangs…nature stops the deformed from continuing in the bloodlines’…mustangs’ and Arabs have lot of similar traits ,having same rootstock…being born on a farm. we apply the standard of perfection. alot of Arabs would be put down to save them a life filled with pain..but if ya call it a designer horse fools will pay alot for this inhumane cruel practice of reproducing genetic flaws for profit…

  • Is this a mare? Never seen an adult Arabian stallion with a long skinny neck and I have owned three. Also, why shave their upper neck? For human convenience? Sad. Is this horse under 3 years of age? Only an underage colt has a neck this thin.

  • i don’t like the way the faces of the Arabian are becoming so dished out. Obviously I’m in the minority but I don’t think it’s very pretty.