Narayan Reddy on Organic Farming

Narayan Reddy on Organic Farming

In this interview with Mr. Reddy, he tells us about his journey and how organic farming is the only solution to a better future for us all.

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  • Very Nice talk by Mr. reddy sir. He very Knowledgeable person, Youngster should learn from him.

  • when I meet him first time I become fan of him he is the man who begin revolution in agriculture

  • I m gonna meet mr.Reddy after 6 months to buy a land in maharashtra and start to get organic farming training and start organic farm……… Also People who are interested in simple Living MUST WATCH VIDEO

  • Thank you Sir for great insight on organic farming, our farmers should follow your suggestions to come out from non profit chemical farming. I have pledge to spread this message to farming community.

  • Mr.Reddy sir, India need people like you sir. Really most inspirational message to all farmers of India.
    I salute you sir.

  • He is L Narayana Reddy,
    Srinivasapura, (near) Marelanahalli,
    Hanabe Post-561 203
    Doddaballapur Taluk,
    Bangalore Rural District,
    Karnataka, India.

  • sir l live near Hebbal Bangalore, I would love to visit your farm. if I may.

  • He sounds similar to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam …….. agriculture is amazing ….. Narayan Reddy is amazing ….. He is very fluent in English …. Respect

  • A Great solute to you sir … Will save and spread the these learnings to next generation for sure…….

  • You are great sir. Thanks a lot to the people who uploaded this video. it is a big inspirational video to all of us.

  • people of this generation are running behind money and definitely one day all will fall in a trap if we don’t follow the words said by Mr narayan reddy , great person

  • kannada dalli mathadi sir neevu madtha irodu raitharige matte raitharige english artha agolla idu nanna kade inda korike nimma holle kelasakke danyavadagalu

  • Dr narayanreddy sir “nimma kalige nanna namaskaragalu” nanu obba “vakkaliga” nanna name veerupakshayya Chikkamath.tq,shiggaon dt,haveri atpost,n.m.tadas neeralagi 581205

  • ‘with plenty of trees in farm lands and in residential areas’. Instead Government irrespective of which party is in power, is Promoting chemical Agriculture (Disastrous Agriculture) just to appease Big Pharmaceutical, Agro chemical, Chemical fertilizer companies all over the world, (A name Just for ex. Bayer which is a Big player in AGro chemical industry would they want any body to know about what Mr. Nararyan Reddy is saying. But in every Agricultural University ‘They Intentionally teach Disasterous Agrucultural practices’ all over the world.