Organic Farming – Free Range Eggs, How to

Organic Farming – Free Range Eggs, How to How to farm organic free range laying hens. Hans Runns has a 35 acre property near Ballarat, where he farms 4,000 hens. Hans rotates his birds in a circular motion around his paddocks to keep them on fresh pastures. He also believes younger birds need to mature before being added to the laying flock, to reduce bullying. Hens are fed organic wheat and a high protein vegetable mix.
Music by Ross Williams

  • After I saw videos how people don’t have any care for chicken’s process and treat them like trash! so we can eat them and they make good money from us, I definitely vote for organic and free range chickens..
    let’s choose the best for our health!

  • what about predators?

    what do you feed them?

    Do they go inside the chicken coops by themselves in night?

    Do you have roosters in this video?

    What species do you have?

    Thank you

  • If you are going to have a free range operation that is how it should be done. That way they can engage in all the behaviors that are natural to them like sunning and dust bathing.

  • where are all the male chicks, surely hens hatch with the same amount of males, surely no man can kill them, there are only one day old, and he would not do that to his own child would he

  • @Bird50ify Exactly! This “organic free range” is a childish attempt to reform a fundamentally flawed way of life, to feel about one’s self on the surface, with no change at all. Even if they could do it 100% cruelty-free, peeps would still be eating the diseased rotting bodies of dead animals and their rotting body excretions. Eww!

  • @Bird50ify Why you bringing all that hate? You have it just sitting around ready to throw at anyone who is different than you? Is that what adults do?

  • makes a nice change to see chickens just out and about enjoying life thats how it should be . if humans want to continue eating eggs and animals then we should make their short lives decent and happy , its heartbreaking to see animals on factory farms some never even see the light of day which to me is barbaric they should all be free to roam and do what is natural to them . time to change this world !!

  • If that were true, lions would be brain surgeons. I don’t believe those lies.

  • This is a real nice egg and chicken farm unlike the horrors I have
    seen with battery cages with 12 birds in a small cage with no
    place to move and corpes in many of them.
    This is a beautiful farm

  • well said i agree with you 100% on that chickens deserve a better life and it certainly wouldnt ever bother me if i never ate an egg or a chicken ever again yep think a big change in chicken farming etc is due for a change i love chickens and they deserve better whether they are alive for one year or ten its still a life

  • the voiceover is Australia, and now sure on Hans accent, but it is definitely European

  • I call these types of eggs “Happy Eggs” and caged or barn layed eggs “Sad Eggs”

  • People are showing how to be humane to chickens and yet the vegans complain because it’s against their beliefs so it must be evil. How narrow minded.

  • Exactly. I have an idiot Vegan following me around, actually virtual stalking my posts because they are so against treating animals humanely? It doesn’t even make sense.