Organic Farming in the Philippines: Living Asia Channel Documentary Organic Negros Occidental

Organic Farming in the Philippines: Living Asia Channel Documentary Organic Negros Occidental

Negros Occidental showcases its top Agri Tourism sites and showing why it is the Organic Food Bowl of the country in this 2014 Living Asia Channel Documentary.


Organic Farming, more than a method, has become a movement that has been around for more than a century.

Today it’s often associated with Sustainable Agriculture, Health Advocacy and Agriculture independence.

As the movement continue it’s struggle… But a new avenue may provide the means to branch out further to Farm tourism, with the intention to bring together Sustainable Agribusiness and Eco tourism.

Can the growing organic industry bridge the best of both worlds?

One such province in the Philippines is daring to take on this big ambition.

Join us as we explore the farm tourism industry of Negros Occidental and meet the people willing and open to share their business insights.

  • Thanks for this video. I have been looking for this input on how to manage our own farm. I hope to make a business like this.  

    Whenever I talked about farming to my friends and relatives, most of them doubt about me. They don’t see the potential of agribusiness. 

    Once again, thank you.

  • Thanks for the informative video about organic farming. Please keep on uploading such a good program.
    Ater watching this Im convinced that there is a good potential in this kind of industry!
    keep up the good work. have a nice day.

  • I’m very happy to know that my interest in organic farming and healthy eating is also the advocacy of my home province.  I really want to train and know more about organic farming and dreams of having my own organic farm someday.  I currently reside of the other side of the island (Negros Oriental) and will definitely go home soon (I’m from Bacolod) to attend a seminar or training on this.  Being a health practitioner, I am strongly into this organic and healthy eating and farming movement.  It’s motivating to know there are lots of people sharing this passion.  Thank you and hope to visit one of these days.

  • This is my dream ever since! I hope i cal start ASAP while im still in corporate world. Please kee posting this kind of video po

  • Thank you for this information. We have a thesis in organic farming and this helped a lot.

  • try to watch back to Eden ..this man never water his garden lol his so amazing in gardening,,,using Woodchips methods

  • I am 15 yrs old living in manila. I suddenly gained this interest in growing plants and taking care of them. I would like to know what job i can get if i studied Botany or any thing related to Agriculture. I don’t want to fly overseas since our country needs people for it thrive again. Thanks for your response.

  • Thanks for showing this video. I am from Bacolod and I want to visit all the featured sites to explore as well as learn first hand. Please send me emails since i don’ t have Facebook account. Very interesting to set up an agribusiness.

  • Very inspiring. I’ve always dream of owning a farm and someday. Thank you.

  • What material are your plant holders made of (0;26 in the video)? Thank you for your work Praise The Lord that you are doing this.

  • paanu mka avail duta nga png agrikultura,, ofw ako gusto ko mg invest sa agrikultura