Organic Farming – Pastured Poultry, How to

Organic Farming – Pastured Poultry, How to

Learn how to set up an Organic Pastured Poultry Farm. Richard Statham of Rosnay Organics near Canowindra, NSW talk about how to set up
mobile chicken coops .
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  • Actually is it hugely different. You need to actually walk into one of those commercial “warehouses” and then you’ll know right off the difference.There is no comparison.

  • Can I assume these birds are raised solely for their meat, not egg production?

    I also assume because they are moved every day, they are less likely to consumed their excrement?

    Is it possible to get talller coops? So they can move more freely?

  • Well, comparing those lethargic broilers to laying hens is simply stupid.
    They are moved to those pens with about 2-3 weeks, when they are still comperatively small. With time they grow larger and become less and less active. So it doesn’t matter if they are kept in the pens you see in the video or if they were free to roam the whole pasture. they simply wouldn’t move an inch more. Your remarks about the food is also invalid, because those broilers simply couldn’t exist without feeding.

  • u said>”Well, comparing those lethargic broilers to laying hens is simply stupid”
    …right there in your first sentence you proove my point .so where exactly do you disagree??
    Those chicks are sold as FREE RANGE not as “lethargic broilers “: as u discribed them,which also an exagerated description.What i said is that this is not 100%free range

  • then u go on,…”With time they grow larger and become less and less active”…which again is exactly my point since i will pay “free range”,i d rather give my money for what i chose 2eat>aka freely roaming active-(not lethargic )healthy chicks that eat a wide variery of grasses ,bugs,+whatever food they choose./suplemented since not enough
    finally they got used to inactivity,if free they d get used to activity which is their natural instinct
    so did u disagree 4the sake of disagreing?

  • We’ve had our own successes (and failures) with the pastured poultry here in AB, Canada Tricky climate with extreme temperature changes (flooding and +10C one week and then +40 heatwave the next week). Also came across high-sodium water and feed that was unadapted and so lost a lot of chickens that way. If you’re in the prairies and would like to hear more about it: fisherfarms(DOT)net (Didbsury, AB)

  • Hey man I am in the process of setting one of these up right now. If you can find an old trampoline frame just cover it with chicken wire and cover 1/3 of it with a roof to shelter the birds. this is still light enough to drag. God bless.

  • its scary to think how we try and destroy the future generation by using growth promoters in poultry to fulfill our greedy wants

  • On your video – Organic Farming – Pastured Poultry, How to – you said that you feed 175 chickens about 1 bag of feed Dailey but you didn’t say how big of a bag it was. If you could let us know I would après ate it thanks.

  • it is great to use all metal tractors like these, with no wood, since mites live in wood