Paradise Arabians Breeders of Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses

Paradise Arabians Breeders of Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses

Welcome to Paradise Arabians, one of the worlds largest and most successful breeders of Egyptian Arabians. Paradise offers you the opportunity to learn how to become involved in the Egyptian Arabian horse business with tax advantages, business opportunities, and the chance to create a straight Egyptian Arabian breeding business of your own.

  • Simple the most beautiful horses Gods created!!! I can’t wait until I get my
    Straight Egyptian Arabian.

  • would you mind if i used these clips? you will get full credit of course 🙂 x

  • @fearlessrider98567 it’s between Dalton and Lafayette. You can find it on Google maps, but I do NOT recommend using the maps. 😛

  • WOW its really a paradise, we are in germany and we have too some egyptian horses for breeding, but its so difficult to have a big aria !!!

  • yeah…they are not that rare. lol They make it seem like no one is breeding them but this farm. They have beautiful horses but, like flyingfudge said, there are horses WAY rarer than this.

  • No offence to you people, you are trying very hard to do well and you are . Yet I must correct you, being a horse lover, tamer and owner myself (not Arabs because they are not my favourite) Egyptians are not the rarest of these, they are being bred in many Arab farms and even if your fabulous place did not exist they would be in no danger.Still, now yours are USA Egyptians, environment and food found within it makes a horse what it is. Good luck!

  • This look like a great farm but the egyptian Arabian is not the rarest breed in the world the Abaco Barb is the rarest it only has 8 or so horses left in the world. And the Cleveland bay is very rare as well. And the Carolina Marsh Tacky only has 180 or so horses in the world. And those are just the one off the top of my head.

  • They mean one of the rarest… And if you listen closely they say that there are about 6000-7000 straight egyptians and that they have about 140 horses at their farm. But it’s true.. the mixed bloodlines are bred more often… Way to go Kenworthy family.

  • What about a person with a high end horse. These guys who run the ranch, can breed as freely and they can get free horses for them self

  • The horses they are breeding really aren’t all that rare. There are only a couple hundred pure Crabbet Arabians and only around 70 Pure-in-strain Egyptians(out side of Saudi Arabia) and really no one is breeding them. IMO the pure Crabbets and the Pure-in-strain horses are quite a bit nicer than the average horse at Paradise too.

  • Just amazingly beautiful horses, though the Nokota, (descendants of Sitting Bulls herd) number just around 400. They ran in Yellowstone where they were released. The U.S. gov decided they were an invasive species to Yellowstone and began a roundup and sale and extermination program. Side not. Horses became extinct from North America around 1500 years ago. All species are technically invasive.

  • Thann u so much , very Nice .. Arabian horses is the best .. A creation of Allah (god) I invited u me & all people to learn about the Arabian original people .. And about this religion Islam.

  • I am also a breeder from Mexico, also Egyptian Arabian Horses. How ever I would like you to let me know what do you do to young colt so they can get used to being around other horse without taking this as something new??? Really hope you can give a hand with this. Love your farm and will probably visit you next march. 

  • ……………………………………………………… and some morons settle on a Ford !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great job preserving this magnificent breed. I’m from Egypt and know a thing or two about Arabians. My father who was an excellent rider took me to Ein Shass when I was young. The main stable of Mohammed Ali. I’m sure you’ve heard of Ein Shass and the famous stud Kayssoun (quayssoun ). My other favorite is the American Quarter Horse. Strong, friendly, dependable. Truly enjoyed your video. Well done !

  • lmao. these folks think the arabian is a natural mm occuring breed. the arabs have been selective breeding for thousands of years! thats a fact. i own 3 pure arabians and im connected to the bedawan tribes who breed, and raise. only the best make it in the desert.

  • You stole our civilization and its effects and our horses