Horse Property Management In Norman Oklahoma

Looking For A Horse Property Manager In Norman

Norman horse property

One of our farm partners has purchased a horse property in Norman that will need a property management company to help us lease the land to local horse owners. The property has a 10 horse barn already built on site with self feeding stations and self filling water troughs. This makes it convenient for the property manager to stop by the property once a week and refill the feeding stations and make sure the trickle system is running. We will be converting the system from a manually operated one to a fully automated software based system with remote functionality and cameras. This will allow horse owners that are leasing space and the property manager to check in on the animals remotely at any given time. For the safety of any of our guests we will also be installing below ground shelters for guests of the property should they encounter heavy winds while visiting. Oklahoma is known for tornadoes, so it is our responsibility to make sure any out of state guests have a safe place to take cover should a storm come through, so we will be hiring a local company that installs storm shelters in Norman to add two underground shelters near the guest properties. The grazing fields are 3 acres and are lush with foliage and grass year round for healthy organic grazing. There are two guest houses on the property that will allow for out of state visitors to take up residence by booking the rooms through an Air BnB. We have reached out to Energy Property Management about the property in Norman and will decide if they will be managing the property or not. There is another property management company in OKC that we contacted but have not heard back from them. We wanted to get this blog written and pushed out to our news letter so that if anyone in our Oklahoma horsing community knows of a property management company that is capable of managing the land and the rental of the horse stalls, then please either call or email one of us in the front office with contact information so we can get in touch with them. The pricing so far has been reasonable, but we would like to get a few more quotes. The management team can also manage the two guest properties if desired, otherwise we will be hiring a local house cleaner in Norman for the cleanup after guests have left the property. Thank you for being a part of the Honey Creek Farms community and staying subscribed to our news letters, this is by far the easiest way to communicate with all of you. As always, do not hesitate to email us with any questions you have about the property and what our expectations will be for anyone managing the property, stables, and guests suites.