Quit Your Job and Farm – PART 1 – 10 Small Farm Ideas, from Organic Farming to Chickens & Goats.

Quit Your Job and Farm – PART 1 – 10 Small Farm Ideas, from Organic Farming to Chickens & Goats.

Want to quit your job and become a farmer? That is exactly what all these folks did. Are you thinking about starting a small-scale, urban, hobby farming business or off grid living farm? Get my FREE Private Videos and FREE Ebooks, sign up at http://www.TarrinLupo.com
Then this video has what you need to get started. I interviewed 10 small farmers to get their tips on:

– organic chicken farming;
– goat farming;
– cattle farming;
– worm farming for profit;
– organic vegetable farming;
– maple syrup farming;
– aquaculture fish farming;
– aquaponics; and
– urban fruit tree farming.

Get inspired. Pick up some quick tips from these veteran small-scale farmers an relax as we take a quick trip into modern organic farming businesses across the United States.

0:58 What is organic farming?

2:42 Poultry Farming (Sandy Creek Farm, Brooklet, Ga)

6:55 Organic Chicken Farming (Savannah, Ga)

12:43 Goat farming (Bootleg Farm, Effingham, Ga)

14:32 Beef Cattle Farming (Hunter Cattle Company, Brooklet, Ga)


22:40 Worm Farming For Profit (Kachina Farms, Rincon, GA)

29:25 Organic Food Farming (Ogeechee River Gardens, Richmond Hill, Ga)

33:35 Maple Syrup Farm (Wohlschlegel’s Maple Farm Naples, NY)

36:32 Aquaculture Fish Farming and the H2OPE system (Ernest Hancock, Pheonix, Arizona)

47.56 Aquaponics & fish farming business (Endless Food Systems Pheonix, AZ)

Aquaponic Kits & Growing Solutions

52:40 Urban Farming (Urban Farm, Phoenix, AZ)


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This is the full documentary of “Screw This Job, I’m going to be a Farmer” By Dr. Tarrin P. Lupo

You can watch with Hindi subtitles with closed caption, just hit the (cc) button.

२२ अप्रैल २०१४ को प्रकाशित
क्या आप नौकरी छोड़ के किशान बनना चाहते हैं? यही कारण है कि इन सभी लोगों ये किया वास्तव में किया है। यदि आप एक छोटे पैमाने पर, शहरी या शौक की खेती का व्यवसाय शुरू करने के बारे में सोच रहे हैं? तो इस वीडियो को आपको आरंभ करने की जरूरत है। मैंने इन पर उनके सुझाव प्राप्त करने के लिए 10 छोटे किसानों का सुजाव लिया है:

– कार्बनिक चिकन के फार्म;
– बकरी के तबेले;
– पशु के तबेले;
– लाभ के लिए कीड़ो की खेती;
– जैविक सब्जी की खेती;
– मेपल सिरप की खेती;
– एक्वाकल्चर मछली की खेती;
– अक़ुअपोनिक्स और
– फलों के पेड़ की खेती।

इसके लिए प्रेरित हो। हम संयुक्त राज्य भर में आधुनिक जैविक खेती के कारोबार में एक त्वरित यात्रा पर आपको आराम के रूप में इन दिग्गजो के छोटे पैमाने पर किसानों से कुछ जल्दी युक्तियाँ बताएँगे वो जानिए।

“यह फिल्म का हिन्दी अनुवाद देखने के लिए वीडियो के नीचे (सीसी) बटन दबाये।”

  • great video I have wanted to do farming for many years and next year I’m breaking ground on my farm, I have acquired five acres, doing aquaponic farming.

  • Quit your job?if you do make sure you have lots of money because it would take years to gain real profit off small farms.

  • Only half way through this but I would like to see this in the winter months, I have 10 acre farm & orchard & veggie garden on my own its crap in winter & you spend most of the dsy freezing & wet the animals always come first no matter what time of day or night. Oh & no more holidays ever!

  • That is so inspiring and tremendous!! Sh’ll think over it, once I’m fed up and do not want to be bored!!

  • NICE I want me a ranch, but I’d settle for a horse, a small farm, chickens and bees. Thank you for this great video, I hope many will be inspired!

  • Loved the fruit tree man. That’s what I would do. Plant as many fruit trees as possible. I have over 20 in pots right now but where Iive an acre is over 300,000. I would be happy with 1/3 of an acre .

  • Dude you had me at the avocado tree part, lol, i fell out of my chair. drive on sir.

  • Build your chicken coop INSIDE a LARGE chainlink dog pen with chainlink on the top and a concrete underfloor. Works great!

  • One of the Islands of Hawaii inherited chickens once upon a time when a ship sank. They have flourished and have complete freedom on the island….even greeting people when they arrive at the small airport. The visitors to the island and the locals greatly enjoy just sitting to watch the chickens.

  • I loved this video. It was really informational and helpful and I enjoyed that it touched on several different types of farming.

  • its better but multiple enterprises can really level the minds of a farmer given good plan with your schedules. thanks for the video.

  • 38:13 he just described the process whitch happens when we eat vegetables but in this case the water being our blood.

  • Are there any organizations that are good for learning from as far as the details and ins and outs of farming. People wanting to grow the industry and educate those in the business of farming? We want to Farm but would be 1st Gen farmers so we would need to learn from others. We want something small like a micro farm. Something to feed our family and make enough money to afford living. Any advice?

  • Read God, When Will I Get Married? // LOts of work ..37 years ago we move on to 5 ac..thinking we grow are own food.. had no well and carry water thousand feet ot more up hill from creek..all that work and the corn and those big bugs inside it..we ccollect canning jars from sales want to make 100 quarts of canned string beans.. ha h ah.. tyr tyr to get kid s interested in weeding..nuts..lol..ended up on welfare and food stamps.. no gas money hic hike to town to carry back foods.. kept having kids until ex wife got fix..lol.. stupid tree huggers from California in the 70s..only the pot dealing ot pot growers live nice high on the hog..and we vegeratarins so could not kill any animals..cost to feed anmals and not eat them..ha ha h ah//Ialways womde w hy why plp write comments in these no one care no one read s them..BYE

  • Great video. My kind of people. I have 20 acres and grow all kinds of veggies. Heirloom tomato, summer squash, zucchini, varieties of pepper plants, Lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, herbs (in my green house) onions, potato,
    My local restaurant in Castroville is my biggest customer. All organic. I just use garlic spray to keep the bugs away. I also use red Christmas ornaments to fool the birds. They see a red ball, they will peck at only to find out it’s false. It works.

  • Takes money to make money. Just stay inside your budget and inside 1 year. You could be making the Capitol you need to support everything on the farm. 😉