Roof Damage To The Farmhouse

damage to the roof of our Tulsa farm house

Winter storms are never fun on the farm, and when you are surrounded by trees and foliage, and the winds pick up, debris is bound to be blown down on to your roof, or even worse, through a window in your home.

We recently had a tree fall on our property and take out part of the roof on the farmhouse. This wasn’t an issue since we had insurance coverage to pay for the damage, it wasn’t until after the repair that we experienced a leak in the front living space. We called the roofing company since they guaranteed their work, yet, they claimed that the leak was caused by something other than the original image they repaired.

Well, that wasn’t the answer we were looking for! This leak happened after they repaired the shingles, and it was apparent there was a mistake made by them when they were fixing it. We contacted a Tulsa lawyer to dispute the claim and found that this wasn’t the first time a complaint had been filed against this roofing company.

inside Tulsa court room

We were hoping it would be a quick and painless process, but it actually ended up dragging out in court and costing us a ton of time. We had to hire a construction expert witness to inspect and document the complaint against the roofing company. It didn’t take long after that before the roofing company decided to settle out of court. There was proof that when they replace the roofing material, they didn’t secure the solar panels properly to the roof. The mounting brackets weren’t secured to the roof, and this allowed water to seep in through the mounting holes. Since the removal and reinstallation of our solar panels were part of the agreement, they agreed to cover the costs of repair.

Going to court is never fun, and it’s always expensive. Having a dependable lawyer in our corner to battle for us was helpful. Still, the person that really made this happen for us was the expert witness that found the flaw in the repair and was able to identify the mistake, and that is what won us our case in court.