Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show Liberty Finals

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show Liberty Finals

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show – Scottsdale, Arizona site for this exciting Arabian Freestyle Liberty Class. Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is held each year at WestWorld of Scottsdale. Video and editing by Bridle & Bit.

Scottsdale is the venue for a variety of major horse shows at WestWorld. Learn more at

  • What’s the point of these liberty classes? Like, what are they judged on? All I see is a very hot horse being turned out

  • That would be funny if a horse rolled right off the bat- when you released it. Mine always do, but then again, we aren’t hazing the crap out of them.  Love seeing them so animated, but I wonder what it does for their nerves. lol Liberty work is wonderful!!

  • So does freestyle mean they just let the horse do whatever it wants, no trained routine or requires gaits? Just let it loose and it runs around? I like this it looks very natural.

  • At liberty you’re able to see the horse’s natural action as well as conformation. It appears as if it’s a silly class as they’re running free, but that’s just it, they’re not under control or their gait forced. It’s one of my favorites as you can also get a great idea if their temperament and spirit. The quintessential Arabian is a breathtakingly spirited horse with a proud countenance.

  • The gray horse’s trot is AMAZING! I had to watch it a few times, it’s so good and he knows it, too

  • مِــكَــرٍّ مِــفَــرٍّ مُــقْــبِــلٍ مُــدْبِــرٍ مَــعــاً
    كَــجُلْـمُوْدِ صَـخْرٍ حَطَّهُ السَّـيْلُ مِنْ عَلِ

    لَــهُ أيْـطَــلا ظَــبْـيٍ، وَسَـاقَــا نَــعَــامَــةٍ
    وإِرْخَــاءُ سَـرْحَــانٍ، وَتَـقْـرِيْــبُ تَـتْـفُلِ

  • have these people no respect for these beautiful animals – why are they shouting etc – very strange to think that frightening the horses is “fun”!! but then you are the country that finds beauty in Tennessee Walking Horses – thank God I am from Europe

  • I had the privilege to be there for this class. No stallion every made me cry until Apaladin! His movements were something to behold! I’ve never forgotten this night!

  • I love to put on Kashmir by Led Zeppelin and watch this video, gives me cold chills! Love the way these horses move, their spirit.