The Arabian Horse

The Arabian Horse

This is a tribute to the worlds oldest horse breed, The Arabian Horse!


  • When bred correctly, the Arabian is a great saddle breed. They are hardy, solid, stable, and have great endurance and weight-carrying capicity. Despite this, I am probably one of a few select group of people who do not find the dished face of the Arabian attractive. In fact, I think an extremely dished face, such as the unhealthy ones seen in show Arabians, are kind of ugly. I prefer a straight face. So be careful calling Arabians “the most beautiful horse”. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • haha i said they arent any good in other ”Disciplines” e.g Show Jumping, Cross country, Barrel racing. plus i kno but so did american quarter horses thoroughbred, irish drafts they all took us into battle and frankly bigger battles then Arabia, i didnt say i didnt like the horses but now a days they have a repreation which aint a good one, i kno not all of them are like that they can be great horses, but they arent the only pretty, strong and fastest horses there are over 250 other breeds

  • to all of you who don’t like our Arabian horses let me tell you one thing we ruled the world for a 1300 years riding our horses ,

  • sure u have that opinion, except that u may not know what u are talking about, nor r u an expert…

  • Yeah, it’s my opinion. That was sort of the point. Just a warning that making sweeping statements such as a breed being “the most beautiful horse” is isolating. I would never say that about any breed. Saying you believe something is ugly or beautiful is one thing; saying it as a true or false statement is another.

    And no, I’m DEFINITELY not an expert. However, I do know a thing or two on this subject. But what’s being an expert have to do with opinions of beauty?

  • Ok fair enough, but arabian horse is elegance something not necessarily present in many horse breeds. Anyways. u have put ur point forth. end of story

  • Again, elegance is opinion. It’s one I actually agree with you on. (Even though I’m not crazy about Arabian head shape, I like the way they move. THAT is beautiful.) But I personally think it can be found in other breeds, too.

    Anyway, nice talking to you. I actually like “talking horses” with people, even if it’s a disagreement.

  • y dont u give credit to google cuz all of these r from there and some rnt even arabians

  • Best horse I ever had was a registered Arab, but they are not they oldest breed. The Akal Teki, or Turkmen horse is where they came from. There were purebred horses in Turkmenistan when there were only camels and goats in the Arabian Peninsula.

  • i agree with you 10000000% i <3 arabian horses!! they are sooo beautiful and im going to buy one for me to have a bestfriend

  • Bella Phoenix and whisperthewolf:Please Don’t use the comment area for discussions, use your PM inbox for that! I’m sick and tired offentlig retting e-mail about what the two off you are takling about!

  • That is a completely false statement, Arabian horses do compete in Showjumping, Cross Country and barrel racing. I manage to compete on my Arabians in such events and do well, I might add. They are an extremely athletic breed. And The Australian Waler which carried men into battle during WW2, were bred from the Arabian horse. And what bad reputation? Yes, there are over 250 other breeds, but that doesn’t qualify the Arabian as what you have stated them to be in your comment,not by a longshot.

  • so where was the Arabs in The olympics ? or and the top level showjumping, dressage or cross country ? or even top level barrel racing, yes your horse may of done these but at a low level, you say the arab is the strongest, fastest blah blah blah only the best breeds make it to the top the strongest and fastest make it to the top all i see arabs to is showing and Endurance at a high level and frankly all other breeds make can make Endurance and showing at a top level, Arabs are high strung

  • So the Olympics is the only level of equestrian that counts is it? Rather a snobby comment. And actually no,I never said they were the strongest, fastest blah,blah,blah…I simply corrected you,when YOU made the statement that they are no good for anything other than showing & endurance.Which is a false statement.I never stated that other breeds weren’t capable or excelled at other disciplines. YOU DID.I appreciate all breeds of horses,you obviously don’t.

  • And may I ask,were you at the Olympics? My highly strung Arabians, are safe enough for my 4 and 6 year old nephews to comfortably have a ride on. I have competed at A & AA shows, all grades of showjumping, 3*** eventing, state & regional championships.That however is irrelevant.Whether a person rides for pleasure, does ponyclub, competes at low or high levels of competition, isn’t important.Enjoyment & learning is really what counts.Obviously you’re nothing but a snob.

  • I have wanted one of these horses since I was a child. They are simply the most magnificent beautiful animals that work with humans. Thanks for the video.

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