The Arabian Horse Mystique

The Arabian Horse Mystique

A collection of my personal photos made at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.

  • I love Arabians! Nice vid and awsome photos. I would love to go to Scottdale some day. Thanks for sharing!

  • @sedonasong Trust me they aren’t ugly I do these all the time I wil have to show you some but mine are done on MS Paint and I have only done a few real ones. Give me your email and we can swap pics if you want

  • J’aime vraiment les Pur-Sangs arabes. Ils sont très beaux surtout en sachant leur caractère doux et obéissant ! Ils reconnaissent l’Amour(Dieu, le Père de Jésus) !?

  • Excellent video … to honor one of the most beautiful horse … the Arabian … graceful … strong … intelligence and strength … thanks dear Wenhsing “mwkjdrew” for your wonderful share and to the creator of it … just love these horses … hugs from ♥~NorthStar~♫♥

  • @Daivy1992 Just like people use products to make their hair shiny & healthy looking, Arabian halter horses are impeccably bathed, groomed & have the hair on their muzzles & eyes clipped, & a product is applied around the eyes, muzzle to make the eyes look bigger; it also covers’s just to make the horse look better..personally I would like to see a little less close clipping around the eyes & less product..some use baby oil but it attracts dust & you sure don’t want it IN the eyes!