The Best Arabian Horse

The Best Arabian Horse

Award Ceremony for the Best Arabian Horse (Adult Category). Won by no.226. The other horses standing there on left side are winners of other categories.
Award ceremony attended by Crown Prince His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum.
The 12th Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship will presented some of the most magnificent Arabian breeds in the world with as estimated USD1 million to USD2 million to discerning horse enthusiasts. The competition, aimed at purebred Arabian horses to judge their beauty, agility and heritage, offers prize money of USD4 million (AED15 million).

  • me hemosiona
    tanto ver esos caballos yo creo son de los dioses qwe lindos

  • that is the only thing arabs are good at, breeding beautiful Arabian horses.

  • Arabians are now far worse than Thoroughbreds in being overbred, and what is being bred into them is conformation faults (tail set, big problem), legs that are far too weak, hindquarters than cannot support their legendary speed. Their temperaments are no longer willing and gentle, but incredibly hyperactive. The breed is being taken into a place where the breed can no longer be ridden unless it is cross bred to animals that have stronger conformation and a more willing temperament. This horse, the cremello champion, has no work to do, and his only life is to breed more useless animals of his kind. I’ve watched the degradation of this breed for several decades now, and it is pretty sad. What an Arab used to be, it’s speed, it’s grace, and its beauty, now nothing but a freak.

  • this is not a quarter horse show, they hype up the horses so you can see them in motion. so to say they are anxious is an under statement.  in other words, so what.

  • The best ever Arabian was the legend Pianissima ❤ She was from a polish breeder but unfortunately she passed away in 2015