the fastest arabian horse in the world

the fastest arabian horse in the world

he started last but at the final 50 m he passed them all…(incredible) the red jockey …..

  • I am proud that this racing horse called shabrouh from my horse and couse i have bad luck he died after 2month when he win this race i still have all his family and i am still proudce such nice horses in my farm in akkar north lebanon

  • Usually specific horses or types of horses excel in specific distances, disciplines, etc.- it is more about the breed- or blood lines

  • And Muhammad said “When Arabian horses gather and run together, the chestnut will be the leader.”

  • I hear few peoples here commented and compared the Arabian with the TB ,the later is faster in short distances but the Arabian is absolute king when it comes to long distances ,the Arabian the oldest and the father of all breeds including the TB.

  • The reason why this horse won is because the other horses used their stamina to quickly the jockey in that one horse held back because he knew the other jockeys would do that :•)

  • I think its safe to say…none of the jockey’s in this Middle East nation were female.

  • Totally meaningless as far as speed is concerned. How far were they running and who were they running against? Arabians are notoriously slower then thoroughbreds as far as standard racing distances are concerned.

  • Sure, not the fastest, but even if. Secretariat was still the world known fastest horse ?

  • My cousins and the fastest Arabian in America. Or and leading stud. This is an awesome show of true Arabian Strength. My small 14.2 Arab stud could beat Quarter horses off the track with a 220# rider. Love this. Thanks for finding it for us all to enjoy.

  • I think it’s SUPER cute when they race because their little legs are trying to extend as far as they can??compared to a throughbred who just stretches them all the way out

  • Yep that race looks very ordinary. I dont think this is the fastest arabian in the world. Im sorry i just dont think so…….

  • The American Quarter Horse, Evening Snow reached an attained speed of 55 M.P. H. when he broke the world record for 440 yards.

  • *Arabian have a long stamina in desert,my friend told me that because he used to ride one in the Moroccan Sahara*

  • Daughters of the wind

    that what we called our horses…. they r fast as the wind of the desert

    i am not surprised why arabs love their horses so much

    hope the best for others next time…. it was a great race

  • we are talking arabians not tbs or quarterhorses… The Tb has arabian in its blood for stamina.. Ive raced both and the TB is the best of all 3… Ive seen Tbs that could beat Quarterhorses at 500 yards and beat Arabs at 2 miles… The numbers are out there… Ive worked with Kentucky derby horses and with horses owned by Sheik Mohammed himself..

  • Arabians have the most beautiful heads out of all horses in my opinion.

  • Thoroughbreds are the fastest!!! I KNOW I rode races 15yrs. Her name Twosies answer. 1/4 mile in 21. 1/2 mile in 43.3 finished at 55.2 tied turf record at Meadowlands.